The #1 Best Spray For Tomato Plants

Finding the best spray for your tomato plants can feel like a challenge. Whether buying or making a misting spray, you’ll need the right ingredients for the pests and diseases troubling you. 

The best spray for tomato plants will contain the ingredients needed to repel the bugs and infections trying to eat your crops. There are many options available at gardening stores and select supermarket sections, but you can also make an effective spray with ingredients that are probably in your cupboards.

In this article, I list the many reasons why spraying your tomato plants is necessary, what to look for when buying a misting spray, and share the ingredients of the best sprays you can make for your tomato garden. 

Reasons To Spray Your Tomato Plants

You can use various sprays on your tomato plants. Whichever you choose, remember to not over mist them. Too much water can cause mold, but spraying your plants every now and then can be good for them. Here are some reasons to do this:

It Can Keep Your Plants Healthy

Some sprays are formulated to keep your tomato plants healthy. They create a protective layer to prevent dehydration and contain many nutrients to ensure optimal growth.

Reasons To Spray Your Tomato Plants

It Can Prevent Diseases

Many tomato plant diseases can make the fruit inedible. There’s no cure for these, so prevention is best. 

Before these diseases get a chance to infect your plants, spray them! Many sprays are formulated to protect your tomato plants against diseases by killing any germs or viruses trying to infect them.

It Can Set The Blossoms

Sometimes when night temperatures are extremely cold, tomato plant flowers fall off before they blossom. This means that they don’t carry any fruit. 

You can buy a blossom set spray that will help with fertilization. The flowers will blossom before they have a chance to fall off. 

It Can Keep Pests Away

Insects, worms, and bugs are a huge issue when growing tomato plants. Tomato hornworms and tomato fruitworms eat through the fruit and leave large holes.  

Many shops and nurseries have pesticides you can spray on your tomato plants. These sprays kill and keep away all bugs that want a bite of your juicy tomatoes.

It Can Feed Your Plants

Tomato plants need a lot of nutrients to be healthy and produce edible tomatoes. Some sprays contain the right nutrients to feed your plants. 

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Best Spray For Tomato Plants

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Qualities Of A Good Tomato Plant Spray

No Danger Or Warning Labels

The right spray for your tomato plants won’t have any danger or warning labels. Always use a spray that doesn’t make your tomatoes toxic to animals or humans. 

The Insect Causing Trouble On The Label

The target insect should be on the label if you’re looking for the right pesticide. Fly repellent wouldn’t be effective in killing mites – just so the right spray is needed for the pests you’re targeting on your tomato plants. 

Environmentally Friendly

The only spray you should ever use is one that’s as good for the environment as it is for your tomatoes. It shouldn’t contain ingredients that can harm the planet.

Nutritional Ingredients 

A good tomato plant spray has all the proper nutrients your tomatoes need to thrive. A store-bought misting spray should have all this information on the label. You should look for a spray containing calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen.

Qualities Of A Good Tomato Plant Spray

The #1 Best Spray For Tomato Plants

You can DIY a tomato misting spray if you prefer this option. Here are three of my favorite ones, ranked!

#1 Best Spray For Tomato Plants – Epsom Salt Spray

The number one spot goes to an Epsom salt spray. This spray contains essential nutrients like sulfur and magnesium. You only need to spray your tomatoes once a month with this mixture. 

It gives you strong and healthy plants with large, juicy tomatoes. You can even use it on fruits that are struggling to ripen. 

Add a teaspoon of Epsom salt to a quarter gallon of water, and spray away!

#2 Best Spray For Tomato Plants – Aspirin Spray

Science proves that aspirin may be the answer to your tomato-plant prayers! 

A mix of aspirin and water can increase the number of tomatoes you harvest, prevent diseases, and give your plants a fighting chance during high temperatures and drought.

#3 Best Spray For Tomato Plants – Milk Spray

In third place is a spray made with something you keep in your fridge!

Mixing milk powder or skim milk with water produces a whitish spray that prevents fungal diseases. It also gives your tomato plants some much-needed calcium. 

You can use this spray once a week.

Before You Start Misting

Misting your tomato plants daily might seem like a good idea to keep pests and fungi away, but it isn’t. Adding too much moisture to this fruit can create mold and stunt growth. You should find a misting spray that works effectively when only used once weekly or biweekly.

The best sprays for tomato plants are often those you make yourself. There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on store-bought pesticides. You can mix an effective concoction with a few things you might already have at home. 

I hope this article was helpful and that you enjoyed reading it. If you have more questions about growing tomatoes and keeping them pest free, ask them in the comments!


What should I spray my tomatoes with?

There are many misting sprays available to keep your tomatoes healthy. You can buy them at your local gardening store or make one at home.

What's the best fungicide for tomato plants?

Misting sprays that contain chlorothalonil as their active ingredient are the most effective in killing fungi on tomato plants.

How do I keep the bugs off my tomato plants?

You can keep bugs off your tomato plants by misting them, covering them with nets, or growing them indoors.

How often should tomatoes be sprayed?

You shouldn't spray your tomato plants more than once a week.