The 5 Best Plants For Outdoor Wall Planters

If you’re looking for the best plants for outdoor wall planters, you’re at the right place! There are many to choose from, but only some are the best.

Outdoor wall planters can accommodate many different flowers, fruits, and vegetables. You should choose the best plants for your outdoor area based on your location and the vibe you’re after. Some plants suited for outdoor wall planters are evergreen, helping you maintain a healthy-looking garden all year round!

In this article, I list the advantages of having plants against your patio walls and the 5 best ones you should consider. I also share some tips on choosing the best plant hangers for your plants. 

The Pros of Having Patio Plants

Adding a few plants to your patio can hold many benefits. If you choose the right plants, you can live a healthier life. Here are some of the pros of adding a little green to your patio: 

Healthy Air: The right patio plants can purify your air by trapping carbon dioxide. Your plants then provide you with the healthy oxygen that you should be breathing in. 

Aesthetics: Plants can beautify any space. A patio with some greens and flowers is much prettier and more homely than a patio with no plants. 

The Pros of Having Patio Plants

Plant Benefits: Many plants have added properties and benefits for your health. Some can help lower your blood pressure, and others remove harmful toxins from the air. Having a patio full of plants can benefit your overall health if you use your plants for these properties.

The 5 Best Plants For Outdoor Wall Planters


Ferns are considered the easiest plant to grow because once they’re alive, you don’t have to worry about them too much.

They suck toxins from the air and leave you with clean and pure oxygen. The best part about ferns is that they can fill a whole wall if you let them grow. Some types of ferns can grow up to 8 feet tall!

There are many types of ferns, all with their own properties. Christmas ferns don’t turn yellow in the winter, and cinnamon ferns can grow in direct sunlight. Others do well in shady areas.

You can choose different ferns for each corner of your patio and add them to floating shelves or create a trellis. 

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is used in many beauty products and medications. It’s an anti-inflammatory plant that you can milk to use on your skin and hair. Aloes can relieve sunburn and help with health issues. 

They require almost no care, and yet they look absolutely lovely! You’ll only need to water your Aloe Vera plants every couple of weeks and even less in the cooler months. 


Succulents are perfect for beginners. People who usually let plants die will have a hard time killing these beauties. They basically keep themselves alive and store water for future use. 

There are many types of succulents. Some are colorful, and some have thorns. You can liven up a whole patio with just a mixture of these plants. Succulents grow well in pots, and some types can climb!

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Best Plants For Outdoor Wall Planters


If you consider yourself a whiz in the kitchen, herbs are an excellent choice for your outdoor wall planters. You’ll have a free lifetime supply of delicious herbs if you plant your favorites.

Here are some herbs you can add to your garden:

  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Parsley
  • Basil
  • Mint
  • Chives
  • Oregano
  • Sage
  • Cilantro


Lavender is just the pop of color your patio needs! This plant doesn’t just look pretty, it smells good too. Lavender plants are a natural bug-repellent, and the fragrance is a real mood booster. 

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Tips For Choosing Outdoor Plant Hangers

Plant hangers are sized and shaped differently, so you can choose whichever suits your patio and plants. You should take your time to shop around in stores and online. Determine your needs before you start shopping to make the best choice.

Here are some tips on choosing plant hangers for your patio garden: 

Size: Choose a hanger that can hold many plants, even if you plan on hanging small, individual ones. This ensures you can regularly change your hanging garden without buying new hangers.

Design: The design of the plant hangers you choose depends on your taste and the theme of your patio. If there’s a style you really like, but the color doesn’t fit your theme, it’s better to paint it the color you want than to buy something you don’t like. 

Hanging Surface: Choose your hangers based on the surface on which you’ll be hanging them. Double-sided tape hangers would be better for smooth walls, and hooks that require holes could be used on brick walls.

In Ending – Best Plants For Outdoor Wall Planters

Hanging plants against your outdoor walls isn’t difficult. You can choose from many hanging methods and even more plants to experiment with! If you like looking at green every season, you can opt for evergreen plants. 

Outdoor wall planters offer you an opportunity to liven up your walls. You can arrange your plants to fit your garden, home, or patio theme. 

I hope this article was helpful and that you feel inspired to invest in outdoor wall planters. If you have more questions about which plants would work best for outdoor planting, ask them in the comments!


What can I plant in a vertical wall planter?

Vertical wall planters are great for planting small edibles like herbs, chilies, trailing peas or tomatoes, and spinach or lettuce.

What plants can I use for a vertical garden?

Vertical gardens accommodate many plants, including Bird's-nest ferns, Begonias, Bromeliads, Clematis, Dracaena, Ferns, Inchplants, and Pothos.

How do you grow plants on an outdoor wall?

You can grow plants outdoors attached to a wall with baskets, boxes, pots, tiers, or shelves.

How do you grow a vertical wall garden?

Vertical gardens are best grown on trails. You should use evergreen plants to keep your vertical garden green during all seasons. If you're a seasonal planter, many flowers, veggies, and fruits grow well in vertical gardens.