The 7 Best Plants For A NYC Balcony

There are many good ones, but only some are the best plants for a NYC balcony. You should choose plants native to NYC for the best growing experience. 

Balconies come to life when you add greenery to them. In this article, I share which plants will work best on your NYC balcony and give you tips on choosing a theme for your balcony garden

How To Choose A Balcony Garden Theme

If you want your NYC balcony garden to look perfect, choosing a vibe to bring it all together will definitely help. A theme usually consists of a few colors mixed together or inspiration from a movie, place, or moment. Deciding on a theme will make buying new things for your balcony easier. Here’s what to consider when choosing a theme:

Inspiration: If you don’t have a few themes in mind, you can look for inspirational images on the internet. Pinterest and a quick search on Google could leave you with all the ideas you need. You can also think back to a moment, person, or place that made you feel happy. Pick a favorite color, smell, or trait for this memory to formulate a theme. 

Your Taste: Since it’s your garden and you’ll spend the most time in it, you should design it to your own taste. If you love pink or pineapples, use as much of them as you want!

How To Choose A Balcony Garden Theme

Plants: The theme you choose can depend on the plants you want to use in your garden. A succulent garden might not work best with ocean themes but pair well with a desert one. If you choose ferns, monstera plants, and dracaenas, a jungle vibe will look nice. 

Online Shops: Browsing items in online shops can give you an idea of what you like. You’ll find yourself leaning toward a specific color before adding anything to your cart. Most online stores also have lookbooks that you can use for inspiration. 

Friends: You may have friends living near you with balcony gardens. Get inspired by their themes but don’t copy any ideas. Try to be creative and impress your guests with your unique styles.

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The 7 Best Plants For A NYC Balcony


Herbs are always my first choice when growing potted plants in any area, from windowsills to balconies. Parsley and oregano add flavor to any meal, so why wouldn’t you want your own supply?

Most herbs are easy to grow and require little care. You can buy mature plants from local nurseries for an instant garden setup!

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Golden Bamboo

If some privacy on your balcony is what you need, planting golden bamboo in planters is a good option. They can create a wall of green between you and nosy neighbors. Because they’re in pots, you don’t have to worry about them causing havoc. 


Nothing greens up an area like ferns. These plants can adapt to most environments and cover any area you want them to. Some ferns need to live in full sunlight, while others thrive in shady locations. 


If you’d like a pop of color but not the whole rainbow, lavender is just what you need. It adds a pleasant aroma, eliminating all smelly fumes from the cars passing by. Lavender will grow on your NYC balcony easily, and they won’t need much plant maintenance. 


The scent of lavender is nothing compared to the sweetness of beautiful, pure white gardenias. If you leave your back door open, the smell will fill your entire apartment!


Succulents are best suited for those who tend to kill anything with roots and a stem. Succulents are low-maintenance, and there are so many types that you can fill your whole balcony with just one of each. 

Aloe Vera 

Planting aloe vera is like having a pharmacy on your balcony. You can take off a stem whenever you have sunburn or inflammation. Aloe Vera is good for your hair, skin, and mood!

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Planting From Seed Vs. Buying Grown Plants: Which Is Best?

Whether you plant from seed or buy plants depends on your gardening skills.

If you’re a beginner with no guidance from a more experienced gardener, a grown plant or starter plant may be best. On the other hand, you may feel more satisfied if you grow a complete plant from a little seed. 

Grown plants are more expensive than a packet of seeds that contain 100s of the same plant. 

Time is also a factor. If you’d like to harvest herbs in a week or two or have an urgent need for greenery, you can’t plant from seed. 

There’s no clear winner in this battle. Repotting mature plants and growing them from seed have pros and cons.

You should choose the option that suits your needs best.

Planting From Seed Vs. Buying Grown Plants: Which Is Best

Before You Go

Your NYC balcony will look incredible with plants on it. You’ll enjoy spending time outside if you arrange your pots nicely and pair them with a comfy outdoor sofa or coffee table. 

I hope you liked this article! If you have more questions about growing plants on your NYC balcony for the first time, pop them in the comments.


What are the best plants to grow on a balcony?

The best plants for your patio will depend on the sunlight it gets. Herbs, potted veggies, and succulents grow well on balconies and are all options to look at.

What plants grow well in NYC?

Ferns, vines, grasses, mosses, and sedges grow well in NYC.

What can I plant on my balcony?

There are lots of fruits, veggies, herbs, and flowers you can choose to plant on your balcony. Remember that the plants you choose will need to be potted or have space to climb, either on the ground or on floating shelves.

How do you keep pots on a balcony?

If you're afraid of pots tipping over on your balcony, you can fill them with more soil, use pot stabilizers, bracket them against walls or in a corner, or use heavy containers for planting.