19 Best Plants For Sun Porch You Can Grow

The best plants for sun porch you can grow are listed in this article.  You will have a variety of choices that require easy growing and low maintenance.

If you have a small porch, balcony, or patio then you may want to consider planting some shade-loving plants. There are many great varieties of plants that will not only provide privacy and shelter from the sun but also provide color, fragrance, and interesting textures that will make your space more inviting. The plants we’ve selected here are my favorites for their ease of care, appearance, and ease of maintenance. All of them grow quickly and do well in full sun or part shade.

If you want to add some greenery to your home and make it look more inviting then consider planting one or more of the plants below. If you have questions or comments about any of these plants, please leave a comment below.

Best Plants For Sun Porch

1. Arugula (also known as Salad Rocket)

This is a beautiful plant that can be grown in containers and is one of the best plants for sun porch. It’s perfect for the sunny porch or patio. The arugula plant is very easy to grow and will bloom for several months each year.

2. Ficus asperifolia

The Ficus Asperifolia has small leaves and produces large, glossy green fruits that are often mistaken for figs. It grows well in full sun and does not require much water.

3. Lantanas

Lantanas are evergreen shrubs that can be grown in a sunny area of the garden. The flowers are beautiful and the plants have many uses. Some of these include bee-keeping, making insecticides, and as ground cover.

4. Begonias

Begonia is a popular container plant, but it can grow to be very large and should be kept in the largest pot you have. They require high light levels for best growth and a lot of water.

What's the difference between a solarium and a sunroom

5. Alocasia

Alocasia is a type of tropical plant that has a large leaf and will grow up to several feet tall. It needs full sun and can be easily overwatered if it gets too dry. It grows quickly and is very easy to grow.

6. Cactus

Cacti are very easy to care for. They need full sun and a lot of water. They can be grown in containers as long as they are at least 2 inches deep. They can grow to be a great size, but they should not be watered much beyond once per week.

The best cactus to grow is one that has very few spines. If you have any cacti with many spines, you should trim them back so you have fewer spines.

7. Chenopodium

Chenopodium is a fast-growing herb that will grow very quickly and should be kept in a sunny location. It does not require much water and grows well in most soils. It will tolerate heat and humidity.

8. Sedum

Sedum (Hylocereus spp.) is an easy-to-grow perennial that requires very little care. It needs full sun and will do better in cooler temperatures. It will tolerate high heat and low humidity.

9. Liriope

Liriope is an easy-to-grow ground cover plant that will spread by runners. It will do well in full sun and needs very little water. Plant it in a sunny, shady spot in your garden or on a patio.

10. Agapanthus

Agapanthus is an easy-to-grow, free-flowering plant that will spread by runners. These plants are very easy to care for and grow in full sun and moist soil. They do not require much maintenance and can grow up to 12 inches tall.

11. Hibiscus

Hibiscus is a popular flowering plant that comes in a wide range of colors and patterns. It is drought-resistant and grows well in partial shade.

12. Peace Lily

Peace lily, also known as the spider lily, is another drought-tolerant plant that is easy to grow.

13. Ipomoea batatas

Ipomoea batatas is a popular plant because it produces edible sweet potatoes. It is drought-resistant and grows well in full sun.

14. Solanum betaceum

This vine is a common houseplant in the tropics and can grow to be about 2 meters tall. Its flowers are yellow and come in clusters of many small blooms.

15. Boston ferns

Boston ferns are popular because of their attractive foliage and their ability to withstand low light levels. They also come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Boston ferns are tolerant of cold temperatures and grow best in well-drained soil.

16. Passionflower

Passionflower is a flowering shrub that has colorful, trumpet-shaped flowers. It grows best in full sun and does not require much water.

17. Fuchsia

Fuchsias are easy to grow and are often used for hedges. Their flowers come in a wide range of colors and patterns.

18. Geranium

Geraniums are popular plants because of their beautiful flowers and are one of the best plants for sun porch. They come in a wide range of colors and patterns and can be used as houseplants.

19. Orchids

Orchids have beautiful flowers and are very easy to grow. Some types of orchids can also be grown in a greenhouse.

In Conclusion

The best plants for sun porch is as listed above.  In this long list of available plants that do well on the sun porch, you can’t miss several to grow on your patio and enjoy their beauty.  Growing plants or flowers is therapeutical more so when they get to bloom and surround you with their beautiful colors.

Try them today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep plants alive in a sunroom?

We use a hydroponic system. The plants are placed on an overhead rack and watered with a drip system that supplies water to the plants as needed. The roots of each plant are kept in a tray filled with a mixture of soil, sand, and peat moss. We use a small water filter to remove any debris from the water before it enters the trays. This is the only part of the system that needs regular maintenance.

Can I use my sunroom as a greenhouse?

Yes! The sunroom can be used as a greenhouse during the winter months. During the summer, we place the door on the north side of the room and allow the sun to enter the room. As the temperature drops, we close the door, but the room stays warmer than the surrounding air. The airflow from the sunroom also helps cool the plants in the adjacent greenhouse.

What's the difference between a solarium and a sunroom?

A solarium is an area of a home designed specifically for the use of solar heat. A sunroom is a room that can be used to capture some of the solar heat. This room can be used as part of the home’s heating system or as a separate unit.

How do you keep a sunroom warm for plants?

We put a light bulb on top of a timer so that it will automatically turn on in the morning and off at night. We also put a fan on top of the light bulb to help circulate the warm air inside the room.