How Long Does a Maple Tree Take to Grow?

The growth rate of maple trees is dependent on the environment. For example, in Quebec a tree will take around 25 years to grow from seedling to mature tree. However, Canadian trees would be much faster growing and mature in 10-15 years due to their climate being more temperate than that of Quebec’s. The “how … Read more

How to Get Rid Of Mice Mites?

Mice mites are a nuisance that can ruin your home. The best way to get rid of them is by making sure you keep the house clean and have good ventilation. The “how to get rid of mites on mice naturally” is a question that has been asked many times. There are a few different … Read more

How Often Fertilize Fiddle Leaf Fig?

Fiddle leaf fig trees are one of the most popular house plants in America. They’re a low-maintenance plant that looks great and can survive on little water or light, making them perfect for any home. But what do you need to know about fertilizing your fiddle leaf fig? Let’s find out! The “how often to … Read more

How to Plant Scotch Moss?

Scotch moss is a flowering plant that grows in wet soil and moist, shady areas. It’s prized for its velvety green leaves and delicate white flowers which open during the day then close at night. The plants are sold as pot-pourri or dried to be used in bouquets, wreaths, centerpieces… The “scotch moss lawn” is … Read more

How to Grow Fuchsia from Seeds?

Fuchsia plants are relatively easy to grow and produce a lot of flowers with very few care requirements. After they bloom, the leaves can be removed until it’s time to harvest your crop. Fuchsia grows well in large pots or planters so you can get started quickly when space is limited., Fuchsia is a beautiful … Read more

How to Train Pothos to Climb a Pole?

If you want to train your pothos plant, the first thing to do is create a vertical surface for it. You can use a pole or tree branch placed in soil and water. This keeps climbing fun and interesting with progress being rewarded by access to new plants The “how to attach pothos to moss … Read more

How to Prune Dianthus Flowers?

Dianthus flowers are a popular flower for home gardeners because of their ability to bloom year round and stick around without being killed by cold weather. However, the plants can be tricky on your wallet as they require lots of maintenance pruning in order for them to thrive. Learn how you can get the most … Read more

How Fast Does Blue Rug Juniper Grow?

Juniper trees are commonly used in landscaping and as a hedge. If you’re wondering how fast Junipers grow, this article will help answer your questions. Blue rug juniper is a type of evergreen that grows quickly. It’s an evergreen shrub with blue-gray foliage and white berries, which can be used as ground cover or a … Read more

How to Get Rid Of Aphids on Basil?

Aphids are a type of plant-sucking insect that feed on the sap, leaves and flowers of basil plants. They can be identified by their small egg sacks. If you don’t see these or hear them, it’s time to get some help with controlling aphids on your garden – just like this article will teach you … Read more

How Often to Water Bougainvillea?

Bougainvillea, a flowering plant in the rue family, is known for its many colors and dramatic displays. It’s also prone to problems with aphids on the leaves that can cause brown spotting and stunted growth if not treated. How often should you water your Bougainvillea? Bougainvillea is a plant that needs to be watered often. … Read more