How to Plant Scotch Moss?

Scotch moss is a flowering plant that grows in wet soil and moist, shady areas. It’s prized for its velvety green leaves and delicate white flowers which open during the day then close at night. The plants are sold as pot-pourri or dried to be used in bouquets, wreaths, centerpieces…

The “scotch moss lawn” is a type of plant that has to be planted in moist soil. It can also be used as potting mix or for top dressing on your garden.

How do you fertilize Scotch moss?

A: Scotch moss is a type of lichen that grows on rocks and trees. It needs to be fertilized with a liquid fertilizer such as fish emulsion or seaweed extract, which can be purchased at any garden store.

Scotch moss is a plant that can grow quickly. It’s best to plant it in a pot, so you can move it around the garden as needed. Reference: how fast does scotch moss grow.

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