How to Reproduce Orchids?

Orchids are a type of flower that require the right environmental conditions to grow. Many orchid species can be reproduced by cloning, which is done by taking a piece of an already existing plant and placing it in new growing mediums with fresh nutrients such as peat moss. The “how to propagate orchid from stem … Read more

How to Cut Back a Christmas Cactus?

Christmas cactus are the most popular Christmas plants that can be used in arrangements or as decor. They come from many different varieties of trees and shrubs, but they all share a common trait: their long spines. But what if you want to cut back your Christmas cactus? Here is how to do it properly! … Read more

How Often Should You Water Peonies?

In order to increase the number of flowers in your garden, it’s important to water them. You should water peonies on a regular basis so that they can thrive and produce lots of flowers for you! Peonies need to be watered about once every three days. Signs of overwatering include wilting leaves, brown edges on … Read more

How to Grow Citronella Grass?

Citronella grass is a popular garden plant and it makes for an attractive addition to the landscape. It has been planted in many places around the world including Australia, Africa, China and North America. Citronella turf can make your outdoor area feel like you have never left civilization behind while also providing relief from mosquitos … Read more

How Long Do Zinnia Blooms Last?

Zinnia flowers are a hybrid of the Zinnia and Snapdragon plants. They have been around since 2014, and they last up to 10 weeks with blooming. Their popularity has grown in recent years due to their long bloom time. These colorful flowers are enjoyed by gardeners all over the world, including those who use them … Read more

How to Make Roses out Of Leaves?

And now, on to the roses. This craft project is a great way for kids to discover how plants grow and uses leaves that are constantly falling off of flowers in your garden! I would like to dedicate this blog post out of respect for all those beautiful plants who have fallen victim these past … Read more

How to Remove Cholla Cactus from Yard?

The Cholla cactus is not native to the United States, but they have been introduced and are now all over. If you find these spiky plants in your yard, here’s what to do about them. The “best way to clear cactus from land” is a question that has been asked before. The best way to … Read more

How Far Down Do I Cut My Lilies??

We often spend an immense amount of time and money trying to achieve the perfect look for our flowers. But sometimes, we might not notice a flower’s true potential before it starts dying down, as we’re too busy focusing on other aspects of the plant. What do you think should be done if your lily … Read more

How to Get Rid Of Nutgrass Organically?

Nutgrass is an invasive weed that can quickly become a nuisance in your lawn. It’s difficult to get rid of, but there are ways you can make it go away on its own. Nutgrass is a very common weed in gardens and lawns. It is also one of the easiest weeds to kill with sugar. … Read more

How to Force Gladiolus to Bloom?

Gladiolus is a popular variety of gladiola, or “glads” for short. The name comes from the Latin word ‘glandis’ meaning a secretion or excretion. It was originally called this because its flowers are surrounded by droplets of liquid (a type of nectar produced on the plant’s glandular trichomes). On some occasions when these drops form … Read more