How to Grow Impatiens Indoors?

Most people grow their plants in the spring and summer, but winter is the best time to grow an Impatiens indoors. If you are interested in growing these colorful flowers this season, follow my steps to get started. Growing impatiens indoors from seed is a way to ensure the plants will grow well and be … Read more

How to Root Crepe Myrtle?

The crepe myrtle is a tree various in size and form, but it has the same flowers that make it easy to identify. It can reach heights of 20 foot indoors or 40 feet out doors. The leaves are also evergreen with a slightly shiny surface when they’re new growth begins. Crepe myrtles require little … Read more

How to Get Rid Of Spurge Weed?

Spurge weed, also known as spurge ivy or ground ivy is a rampant plant that infests gardens and other areas. When it’s not in flower, the plant has small foliage with fuzzy white flowers-but when flowering starts to happen, the leaves turn into bright green leaves with yellow centers. What you can do about this … Read more

How to Propagate a Bougainvillea?

A bougainvillea is a beautiful and popular flowering plant that can be propagated through cuttings. In this blog, we’ll show you how to propagate the plants with ease. The “propagating bougainvillea in water” is a simple process that can be done by anyone. Bougainvilleas are not difficult to propagate, and they will grow well in … Read more

How to Plant Spanish Lavender?

Lavender is a popular herb because of its many healing properties. It has been in use for centuries and was even mentioned in the Bible, where it’s referred to as “the plant that gives rest.” Spanish lavender is a type of lavender that is native to Spain. It grows in the wild and can be … Read more

How to Plant Hostas Under Trees?

Hostas can be tricky to plant, especially under trees. Here are some tips for planting them successfully. The “planting under large maple trees” is a technique that gardeners use to plant hostas in areas where they can’t get enough sun. Where should you not plant hostas? A: You should not plant hostas in areas that … Read more

How to Store Narcissus Bulbs?

There are many different ways to store narcissus bulbs. In order for these beautiful flowers to bloom, they need a prolonged period of dry and dark conditions before the blooms form. The bulb itself needs time in paper bags or glass jars before it can be placed outside on windowsills or porches. The “how long … Read more

How to Make Calla Lilies Bloom?

Calla lilies are popular flowers. They have delicate white, trumpet-shaped blooms with a dark green leafy stem and heart shaped leaves on 4 stems that point upwards from the base of the plant. There is no single answer to how these beautiful flowers bloom but they need water in order to grow. The “calla lily … Read more

How High Raised Bed to Keep Rabbits out?

You may already know about the advantages of raised beds for keeping rabbits out, but did you also know that they are a better option than fencing? Find out how to create your own rabbit-proof garden today. Raised beds are a great way to keep rabbits out of your garden, but if you have an … Read more

How to Repot a Tall Cactus?

Repotting a cactus is not only crucial for its health, but also helps keep your home looking fresh and inviting. The same goes for indoor plants- it’s important to repot them on occasion so that the roots have space to grow properly. The “how to support a tall cactus” is a process that will help … Read more