The 9 Best Plants For Rooms Without Windows

Decorating your house with the best plants for rooms without windows can brighten these areas and add a homey feeling to them. 

Some might argue that faux plants are best for windowless rooms, but a few real ones grow well in these spaces. Adding lush greens to your apartment or home can transform its vibe and appearance on a budget!

There are many indoor plants to choose from, and while each has specific requirements, they all have one thing in common: they can live with indirect sunlight!

In this article, I explain how plants survive without sunlight and list 9 of the best plants to grow in windowless rooms. 

How Do Plants Survive Without Sunlight

Plants need sunlight to survive. This is what fuels their photosynthesis process. While some plants need 8 hours of sunlight per day, some can live with less and enjoy shady areas more. 

The latter plants find other ways to keep themselves alive. They act like parasites and grab onto the roots of other plants that receive sunlight. By collecting this energy from the roots, plants in shady areas get the necessary nutrients. This process is called “broomrape” and keeps many plants healthy. 

If there aren’t other plants around to broomrape, you’ll need to grow these plants under artificial lights. 

The 9 Best Plants For Rooms Without Windows

#1 Snake Plant

Dracaenas (commonly known as snake plants) require little attention and maintenance. You can leave them in a room without windows without worrying. 

They’re a great aid in purifying air when there’s too much humidity. Many people prefer to put them in the bathroom or even inside their showers. 

#2 Peace Lily – Best Plants For Rooms Without Windows

These dark green plants have a beautiful white flower when they bloom. They won’t necessarily bloom in rooms with no sunlight or indirect lighting, but they look great without flowers.  Fluorescent lights are enough to keep these plants blooming in low-light areas.

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#3 Dragon Tree

If you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing plant, this one’s for you! Dragon Trees will make you feel lyrical because they’re also known as ‘song of Jamaica’ and ‘song of India’ plants!

Their leaves are green with a thin, bright reddish rim. You can add them to rooms with absolutely no natural light since they despise direct sunlight. 

#4 ZZ Plant

ZZ plants are perfect for beginners. They’re easy to grow and maintain. Sometimes called Zanzibar Gems, these plants make any area beautiful and elegant. 

This plant’s leaves are dark and fit in with any interior theme. Fluorescent lights would be enough to keep these plants in a healthy condition. 

Costa Farms ZZ, Zamioculcas zamiifolia, Indoor Plant in Planter

Best Plants For Rooms Without Windows

#5 Chinese Evergreen 

If you’re looking for a more colorful indoor plant, decorating your windowless room with Chinese Evergreen is a good option. They grow well in dark rooms with no sunlight. In fact, the darker the plant is, the less light it’ll need. 

Fluorescent lighting keeps lighter plant shades happy, and they don’t need the greenest thumbs to keep them alive!

#6 Dumb Cane

Dumb canes prefer being in spaces with indirect sunlight. Unfortunately, this plant is a little poisonous and can harm you, your children, and your pets if your tongue touches its leaves. The best use for them would be in dark office spaces. 

#7 Spider Plant – Best Plants For Rooms Without Windows

The Spider Ivy has long, slim green and white leaves that elegantly drape over the rim of a pot. It looks like the legs of a spider creeping out of a hole! You don’t need to water them often, and they grow faster than you may think. If these plants are happy and healthy, they’ll leave you with lots of baby spider plants that you can re-pot and add to your collection. 

Before you know it, you’ll have a lifetime supply of stunning plants that do just fine in your windowless room. 

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#8 Parlour Palm

This plant gets its name from its popularity in the homes of Victorians. It can leave any space looking classy and elegant. You don’t need to water Parlour Palms regularly. In fact, you can just mist your plant every now and then. 

Parlour Palms don’t grow fast, but once they’re mature, you’ll have a large palm to keep your dark room looking fab.

Parlour Palm

#9 English Ivy

If you’re one for creeping vines, this is the plant you’ve been looking for! You can decorate your windowless room with English Ivy from its walls to every shelve. 

This plant spreads fast, and with some support, it’ll go in the exact direction you want it to. 

In Ending, Best Plants For Rooms Without Windows

Windowless rooms don’t need to look dull. You can brighten them with green or colorful plants to add life and up their appearance. 

You can choose from the great plants mentioned in this article or ask your local nursery for more suggestions. Plants that thrive on no or indirect sunlight typically require little maintenance, so you can add as many as you like! Strategically plant where you’d like to place each in your windowless room to get the best results.

I hope you enjoyed this article and found it helpful. If you still have unanswered questions about growing plants in windowless rooms or have plant suggestions for these spaces, add them in the comments!


Can I grow plants in a windowless room?

Many plants do well with little to no sunlight. There are many you can grow in a windowless room that receives indirect sunlight, like Dracaenas, the Peace Lily, and Chinese Evergreens.

What plants can grow without sunlight indoors?

Plants like the Chinese Evergreen, Parlour Palm, Ferns, Prayer Plants, and Calatheas grow well without sunlight indoors.

Can succulents survive in a windowless room?

Cacti and succulents can do well indoors if you pay close attention to the specific plant species, soil type, moisture needs, and nutrients.

Can snake plants survive without sunlight?

Snake plants can survive without direct sunlight. If you keep your plant in a windowless room that lights up during the day, it'll thrive.