The Best Plants For An Aerogarden – An Efficient Indoor Gardening System For All

This blog post has all the information you need to grow The Best Plants for an Aerogarden and more! If you love gardening but don’t have the time or space to keep up a traditional one, then this may just be the answer you’re looking for. Modern indoor growing is the way to go if you want to practice your green thumb in spite of the challenges.

This planting method is advantageous because of how it functions and the fact that it takes up less room. The best part is, instead of relying on a single body of water, Aerogardens solely survive on mist and vapors. They work well, are quite simple to use, and have a manageable learning curve.

Simply choose the plants you want to grow in them and enjoy freshly harvested vegetables and herbs. Below, you’ll find a list of some of the best soilless plants for your Aerogarden, an explanation of how they work, and how to transfer them to a soil mix if you prefer.

What Is An Aerogarden

An indoor farming system called AeroGarden produces seasonal fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs of your choice. It is an efficient system that is compact because it can fit in even the smallest locations, such as a windowsill or on countertops with little room. You can also consider larger models if you have more space and want to extend your gardening potential.

Plants are grown quickly and easily in this hydroponic planting method under LED lights. In actuality, herbs and vegetables can develop more quickly than plants grown in a conventional garden. However, if you want to see quick results, you would simply have to follow a few easy steps. Knowing what the best plants for an Aerogarden are is also vital to ensure a thriving yield.

Also, keep in mind that growing your own herbs can be quite cost-effective for many households. This is because they can be pricey seeing that there is a demand for them. They also provide additional flavor to recipes and are considerably tastier than dried herbs. To begin, you would need to buy an AeroGarden unit and plant pods in order to grow plants. This method provides plants with the space they need to form roots as well as the essential light and airflow they require to grow their best.

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Best Plants to Grow in Aerogarden

If you’re looking for the best Aerogarden plants, then we have got you covered. The most commonly grown ones for this planting system include herbs, leafy greens, and flowers. These plants thrive in a well-aerated misty environment since they may be grown in close proximity and don’t need a lot of root area.

These plants are generally not too difficult to grow. Due to the small size of their seeds, some can be grown alongside your fruits or vegetables. They also don’t need much extra care or attention, save from yielding quick harvests. For two key reasons, greens like mint and basil make excellent plants for your countertop garden. They add a modern touch to your indoor aesthetics and can be employed in numerous recipes.

Secondly, they impart a beautiful scent to any indoor setting which is beneficial as they serve as a natural air freshener. You would also be glad to know that these herbs are the best plants for an Aerogarden because they are quite resilient once they are established. From delicious Thai, Genovese, and deep purple opal basil, you can cultivate any variety as the choices are plenty.


Even while these plants will grow reasonably well on their own, controlling the pH levels in the planting solution will result in a bountiful crop. Maintaining a pH level that is slightly acidic encourages the plant to grow more leaves, which results in vivid and flavorful herbs.

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Can you Transfer Aerogarden Plants to Soil?

Although you can transfer Aerogarden plants to the soil, there are a few things that you should take into consideration before doing so. This is because changing environments can cause older plants to experience transplant shock which can harm them substantially. However, all is not lost because small seedlings are remarkably adaptive.

The seedlings respond more quickly and positively to the movement the earlier the process starts. The transition from the seed-starting method to soil is best done when the seedling develops its first set of leaves. The reason for this is that the roots have would have already pierced the grow sponges at this point, although they are not yet very long or intertwined.

By this stage, if the weather is still not consistently warm, you can choose to move them to the soil in pots and keep them indoors until the weather cooperates. It also makes it possible to remove them from the AeroGarden tray before their roots entangle.

Here are a few suggested tips:

  • The tools required will include a pair of sharp scissors, natural fiber pots, a waterproof tray to store the potted seedlings, and a premium potting mix.
  • You can also increase your organic harvest of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs by using old compost and plant nutrition.
  • Fill the bottom of the plant pot with a half-inch layer of potting soil.
  • Then, remove a seedling from its pod gently. Use sharp scissors to snip off all but one seedling.
  • Trim the roots if they are too long so they can fit within the pot without touching the bottom.
  • The top of the grow sponge should be at or just below the rim of the pot when the seedling is placed in the center of the container.
  • Firmly press the potting mix in place after gently enclosing the grow sponge in it.
  • After they have been potted, place them in the waterproof tray and give them a thorough soak.
  • Place the seedling tray outside in a shaded area for a while to start the hardening process once the weather is warm enough.
  • Until they are ready to go outside, you will need to ensure that they receive adequate light.

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List of the Best Plants for Aerogarden

You can cultivate a wide variety of plants if you’re using this method but ultimately, the best plants for an Aerogarden are recommended for their resilience. Keep in mind that to grow to its full potential, each plant needs a unique combination of nutritional solutions and environmental conditions.

Also, remember that overcrowding your pods when growing plants with different requirements can cause an ineffective dispersion of nutrients and result in meager crops. Vegetables, salad greens, herbs, seeds, and flowers are the ideal plant types for an Aerogarden.

This aeroponic plant garden without soil is also great for beginners as it is easy to utilize. Additionally, the device also has a spot where you may place an associated light and store seeds. It is amongst the best techniques for growing plants in an atmosphere of air or mist.

Here Are A Few Common Plants That Thrive In This Type Of Environment:

The Glossy Bell Pepper

Bell peppers can thrive because larger Aerogarden models offer more light and growing space for these plants. To grow high-quality peppers indoors you should maintain uniform crop spacing, and adhere to the essential aeroponic strategies to be successful.

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The Mouthwatering Strawberry Plant

You can grow strawberries in your aeroponic garden even though these fruits are a little more difficult to grow than lush greens. In contrast to vegetables, strawberries require care at every stage of growth. This includes the flowering and fruiting phases.
The simplest method is to use a nutrient solution to suit the plant’s requirements as it develops.

The Infamous Eggplant

Eggplants are nutrient-rich vegetables that are low in calories and high in fiber, which is great to incorporate into a healthy diet. They are wonderful outside plants for Aerogardens since they can be planted fast and require little maintenance. However, their expansion requires a large area so a bigger planter is required.

Delicious Tomatoes

Consider growing tomatoes in an AeroGarden if use them often. Different tomato types can be planted, although cherry tomatoes and other smaller varieties work best. This is because they are simple to cultivate and don’t need much attention, making them a great choice for someone just starting out in gardening.

Tangy Raspberries

One of the best fruits for an Aerogarden is raspberries. This is because they are easy to grow and offer an abundant yield with the proper care and maintenance.

If you want to learn how to grow anything in an Aerogarden, click on this video


In addition to mint and basil, your aeroponic garden can also grow a variety of other fresh herbs and vegetables. It is similar to having your own personal spice rack in the form of a soilless garden. Also, herbs grown in an Aerogarden seed pot typically take 35 to 40 days to mature.

Make sure you use the proper solution and maintain the ideal pH level to produce the flavor and freshness you want from your plants. Amongst the best plants for an Aerogarden is cilantro which is widely used. This is because it grows fast and can be incorporated into many different cuisines.

This planting method is the answer if you want to grow vegetables indoors. The list provided in this article is what grows best in this type of environment according to established and new gardeners. Here’s a link with more information about the self-watering Aerogarden.