The 5 Best Companion Plants For Hibiscus

The best companion plants for Hibiscus will allow them to get full direct sunlight. It also won’t dry out their soil.

Hibiscus plants are perfect for warm climates. They also make excellent houseplants! You can give your Hibiscus some company by planting companion plants instead of more Hibiscus. They love growing next to supporting plants that help them thrive. 

In this article, I explain how plants benefit from companionship and list the 5 best companion plants that will enjoy rooting next to your Hibiscus. 

Reasons To Plant Companion Plants

Just like humans, plants can get pretty lonely too. Planting the right companions next to them can improve their overall health. Here’s more reasons why your plants can benefit from companionship:

  • Companion Plants Can Act As Insect Attractors and Repellers

Some plants have the natural ability to repel most bugs and insects. These plants can be used as companions with plants that are prone to attract damage-causing insects. 

The bug-repellent plants will help their neighbors by keeping insects that eat and cause damage to them away. Likewise, some plants will help to attract pollinators which is a really good thing for the environment and your plants.

  • Companion Plants Make Excellent Trellises

Plants with thick and strong stems are usually planted with climbing plants. This provides a natural trellis for your climbing plant when they use this stem to climb on. 

By giving your beans a rock-solid companion veggie, you’ll have twice the amount of veggies in a limited space. 

  • Companion Plants Improve Soil Health 

Some plants make the soil around them very healthy for the benefit of other plants. These plants act as natural fertilizers and drainage systems.

Fertilizing and draining soil the natural way is much better than trying to find the perfect balance. You’ll also save time and money!

  • Companion Plants Offer Protection Against The Elements

Plants have different needs when it comes to sunlight. Some prefer being outside in direct light, while others don’t appreciate the scorching sun on them. If you use companion plants, you can keep both types happy!

You can plant sunshine-loving plants in such a way that they offer protection to those who prefer some shade. This is especially helpful if the plants that like the sun are the larger of the two.

Larger plants with more strength can also provide protection against harsh winds. 

The 5 Best Companion Plants For Hibiscus

Companion plants can make your hibiscus-filled garden a little bit prettier than it already is. Here are some options that act as good companions for your Hibiscus plants.

#1 Daylilies

There are many breathtaking varieties of the ever-so-popular Daylily. Your best choice for a Hibiscus companion would be the yellow ‘Going Bananas’ one.

Daylily Nursery Carestar Dutch Master Daffodil 50 Bulbs

They’re the perfect attraction for pollinators, and your Hibiscus will thrive from all the attention. As if the gorgeous yellow flowers aren’t enough, these daylilies have bright green, long and thin leaves. 

#2 Caladiums – Best Companion Plants For Hibiscus

Hibiscus and Caladiums get along really well since they’re both tropical plants. Planting them in the same garden can make your yard look like a tropical paradise. 

Your Caladiums will be hardy to the same temperatures as the Hibiscus. They can provide some beautiful company to each other if you plant them as companions.

#3 Bee Balms

You can use these plants as a stunning groundcover in areas where your Hibiscus falls a little short. They’re available in many colors to complement the other plants in your garden.

Always opt for a plant that won’t compete with your Hibiscus for space and water. The Bee Balm is perfect because it will respect your other plants when it comes to this. 

#4 Japanese Anemone

This rosy plant will bloom with your Hibiscus. You’ll get to enjoy their beauty at the same time. If you have a pink Hibiscus in your garden, the Japanese Anemone will perfectly complement it. 

Since both plants are equally beautiful, they’ll often compete for attention. Planting them as companions make them a little more friendly towards each other. 

#5 Sweet Potato Vine – Best Companion Plants For Hibiscus

Sweet potato vines may be called ‘sweet,’ but they can be very aggressive when unwanted weeds try to attack their companion, the Hibiscus. They can be planted to climb around your Hibiscus if you have a trellis, or you can let them paint the ground. 

They’ll act as a protective barrier against any weeds attempting to steal water, nutrients, or ground space from your Hibiscus. 

Sweet Potato Vine - Best Companion Plants For Hibiscus

In Ending, Best Companion Plants For Hibiscus

Hibiscus plants make lovely flower gardens, but you can make yours look even nicer by planting companions next to them. Companion plants can help balance your Hibiscus’ soil and help them grow better than before.  

If you choose the right companion plants, your Hibiscus won’t fall short. They’ll get enough nutrients, water, and protection. In return, your Hibiscus might even benefit their companion plants. With some experimenting, you can find the perfect balance. 

I hope you enjoyed this article and found the information helpful! If you have more questions about companion plants or the Hibiscus plant specie in general, pop them in the comments, and I’ll get back to you.


Can Hibiscus be planted together?

You can plant two or more Hibiscus plants as companions. Keep each separated in their own pot or planting area and cluster them together.

Does Hibiscus love coffee grounds?

Hibiscus likes coffee grounds, and it's pretty easy to use them as fertilizer for your plants. Simply mix the coffee ground into the soil you'll use for growing your Hibiscus. Just don't go overboard - too much nitrogen can harm your plants.

Does Hibiscus do better in pots or in the ground?

Hibiscus don't prefer containers to the ground, but they do really well in pots. If you have the right potting mix and place them in the perfect spot, your Hibiscus plants will thrive!

Can I plant lavender with Hibiscus?

Lavender, especially the dwarf variety, makes a good companion for Hibiscus plants. Both will look really pretty when in bloom, and lavender adds a fantastic fragrance!