The Best Plants For Wine Barrels

Do you have empty wine barrels that you want to turn into beautiful gardens around your home and wonder the best plants for wine barrels?

Wine barrels are great containers for plants. They are made of oak or other woods, usually with the intention of keeping wine fresh in a cool cellar. Wine barrels have two main purposes:

1. They are attractive containers.

2. They are used as a wine cellar.

Many people use wine barrels to create beautiful gardens around their homes. The key to growing plants successfully in barrels is to make sure the barrel has the right conditions. So, let’s start by looking at what makes a good wine barrel.

What Makes A Good Wine Barrel?

Wine barrels come in many different sizes, shapes, and materials. The main types are:

  • Oak
  • French oak
  • American oak
  • Wood
  • Bamboo

The Best Plants For Wine Barrels

The best plants for wine barrels include:

  • Aloe vera. This is one of the easiest plants to grow inside a barrel. You simply plant it in the middle of your barrel and water it once a week. You will need to remove the leaves from the plant at some point during its life, but this shouldn’t be difficult.
  • Asparagus. You can grow asparagus inside a barrel that will keep the roots cool enough. The grower barrel will also protect your asparagus from frost, and it keeps the soil moist.
  • Basil. You can grow basil inside a wine barrel, but it needs plenty of sun, so you may need to consider moving the barrel outside in the summer.
  • Blackberries. These are easy to grow and require little care. Just make sure you give them plenty of room to grow. If you have a large barrel, then you can grow blackberries inside the barrel. You should plant them at least 10 feet apart and water them at least once a week.
  • Blueberries. Blueberries are a very popular choice for growing inside a wine barrel. They can be planted in late spring or early summer. You should give them plenty of room to grow and water them regularly. If you are growing blueberries inside your barrel, then you need to plant them in a container that is 3-4 times the size of the barrel.
  • Buckwheat. This is a quick-growing plant that requires little care. You just need to water it once every week or two.
  • Celery. This is a great plant to grow inside a wine barrel. It can be planted in early spring or late fall, depending on what you prefer.
  • Chives. These are easy to grow, but they need plenty of light. If you want to grow chives inside a wine barrel, then you should put a light bulb over the top of the barrel.
  • Cucumbers. These are easy to grow and will produce plenty of fruit.
  • Cantaloupes. You can grow cantaloupes inside a barrel. It will keep the fruit cool enough and the soil moist enough.
  • Carrots are a cool-weather crop that does well in hot weather, as long as you water them regularly. They do not need any special care and can be harvested at any size.
  • Chard. Chard is a cool-weather crop that will tolerate drought conditions.

The Best Growing Conditions For Plants In Wine Barrels

To grow the best plants for wine barrels, you will need the following growing conditions:

  • Soil. The best type of soil is sandy loam or clay loam that has adequate nutrients, moisture, and drainage. Most soils used to grow plants do not contain the necessary nutrients for plants to thrive, and even those that do are usually deficient in one or more of the elements needed to produce healthy vines. You can add compost or organic fertilizer to your soil before planting your crops to add on the nutrients. You can also use a soil additive called Miracle-Gro to enhance the nutrition of your soil. It contains a number of essential nutrients that are important for plants to grow well.
  • Water. A regular supply of water is important for plant growth and for maintaining healthy soil. During the winter months, you should provide plants with at least four inches of water per week, but this amount can be reduced during the summer.
  • Temperature. Vines need at least 10 hours of daylight every day. If you live in an area where it gets too cold during the winter, you can supplement your vines’ natural light with artificial lighting.
  • Fertilizer. Fertilizer can help your plants grow strong and healthy, but you don’t want to over-fertilize your vines. It is best to fertilize your plants when they are actively growing, and you should use a slow-release fertilizer that will not burn your plants or the environment.

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Can you plant vegetables in a wine barrel

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you plant vegetables in a wine barrel?

Yes! You can plant just about anything in a wine barrel, including root vegetables and some salad greens. A good idea would be to plant the roots first, then add the leaves. The barrel will keep the roots cool, but they’ll get more heat from the sun than they would if they were planted directly into the ground.

Can I grow tomatoes in wine barrels?

Yes, we’ve had some success with this. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. The most important thing to consider is what type of wine barrel you use. We have found that the best results are achieved with new French oak barrels. New French oak barrels are used to make Cognac and brandy. They are designed to hold about a litre of liquid.

Can you grow a lemon tree in a wine barrel?

Many gardeners have grown lemon trees in barrels for many years, and are happy with the results. We’ve even had some that became very large lemons.  The key is to plant a good-sized seedling into a container first, then plant it in the wine barrel.

How do you grow an avocado tree in a wine barrel?

First, you will need to find a wine barrel that is large enough to hold the entire avocado tree and a few inches of soil. You can usually purchase a wine barrel at your local home improvement store. However, if you don’t want to spend the money, you can always buy a used barrel and clean it out with soap and water.  Choose a dwarf avocado tree instead of the large one. 

Can I grow a fig tree in a wine barrel?

A fig tree is a fruit tree that is not native to North America but can be grown here. It is a fast-growing tree that can reach up to 10 feet tall and has thick branches. Figs are an excellent choice for growing indoors, but they do require some light.

Final Thoughts

Wine barrels are beautiful gardens that you can adopt and place strategically around your home. They are easy to care for and grow the best plants for wine barrels.

You can also use these barrels to store different products, such as grains, herbs, spices, coffee beans, and more.

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