How to Split Mint Plant?

The mint plant has been a staple of many people’s gardens since the Industrial Revolution. This easy-to-grow, fragrant and colorful perennial is loved by both children and adults alike! With just some basic knowledge of how to grow it from seed you can have your own healthy plants in no time.

When to split mint is a question that I am asked a lot. The best time to split mint is when the plant has reached about 12 inches tall and the leaves are starting to die back.

How do I split and repot in mint?

A: Mint is a perennial plant that can be divided and repotted in the spring. To divide mint, you will need to remove the plant from its pot and cut it into sections with a sharp knife. Then, replant each section of the mint back into its own pot or container.

How do I keep my mint plant healthy?

A: You can water your mint plant every day. Mint plants need a lot of moisture, so it is best to keep the soil moist. You should also be careful not to overwater your plant, as this can cause root rot and other issues.

Splitting horseradish root is a process that can be done with a sharp knife. I recommend using the root in a jar, because it will need to be submerged in water for about half an hour before use. Reference: splitting horseradish root.

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