How to Prune Jade?

To complete a Jade, trade for gems with other players. You’ll need to pay the gem cost in order to add it as an ingredient when you craft your new Jade card. We have provided instructions on how to properly prune Jades here

If your jade plant has grown too large and is taking up too much space, you can prune it.

How do you prune a jade plant?

A: Jade plants need to be pruned regularly, as they can grow quite large. To do this, you will need a pair of secateurs and a sharp knife. You should cut back the plants main stem by about two-thirds of its height and then remove all but one or two branches from each side.


Jade is a hard-working plant that can grow to be very large. It is important to keep the plant pruned so it doesn’t get too leggy and start to look unattractive. Reference: leggy jade plant.

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