How to Overwinter Caladium?

The caladium is a perennial plant in the iris family. This flower looks similar to some other plants, but it has unique qualities that make it different from anything else. If you’re trying to grow your own garden with this beautiful flower, here’s what you need to know about overwintering the caladium and caring for it during its winter months.

Caladiums are plants that require overwintering in pots. Overwintering caladiums in pots is fairly easy, and can be done by planting them in a pot with moist soil, placing it on the windowsill or under the grow light.


How do you winterize bulbs?

A: You need to turn off the power at the breaker box and then open up the socket on the bulb. Then you need to wrap a small piece of cloth around the base of the bulb, insert it into a plastic bag, and seal it with tape. This will keep moisture from getting inside your light fixture.


Caladium bulbs are easy to harvest. They have a short shelf life, so it is important to overwinter them before planting. Reference: how to harvest caladium bulbs.

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