How Far Apart to Plant Winter Gem Boxwood?

The boxwood plant is a popular choice for gardeners who want strong, durable plants that can survive the winter. The fall/winter planting season will be over soon and you’ll need to figure out how far apart to set these trees when they are young so that each one gets enough space. Here’s an easy way of figuring it out!

The “winter gem boxwood size” is the distance in feet between the winter gem boxwood and a reference point. In this case, the reference point would be an object that will be planted in front of the winter gem boxwood.

How do you plant a winter gem boxwood hedge?

A: You should plant your winter gem boxwood hedge in a sunny area. If you are planting it in the ground, make sure that there is good drainage and that it is not near any buildings or structures. You can also plant them in containers if you want to be able to move them around easily.

What can I plant with winter gem boxwoods?

A: You can plant winter gem boxwoods in a variety of locations, but they are best planted in full sun. They will do well in most soils, but you should avoid planting them near areas with heavy foot traffic or where the soil is too wet.


The “winter gem boxwood height” is the distance in feet that you should plant your winter gem boxwood.

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