Top 10 Best Plants For Floating Planters

The best plants for floating planters have a way of adding color and beauty to your pond area, attracting important insects to the ecosystem.

Plants are often the first thing you see when you enter your house or office. They give you a feeling of peace, calmness, and tranquillity in an otherwise busy environment.

We all love plants, but we don’t always know what to do with them. We often put them in pots or vases and keep them on the windowsill.

What Characteristics Do Floating Plants Need To Have?

Choosing the best plants for floating planters requires wisdom as these plants should have some of the following characteristics:


The height of a plant is important to consider as it will affect how the plant will look. Most plants can be kept in a hanging basket or pot, which is placed on top of your pond. Some plants will grow to become too big to be kept in a basket and will require a pot.


Plants that are round or oval in shape are easier to handle and look better than plants with sharp edges.


The size of a plant will also vary depending on the type of plant. For example, plants like lotus will grow very large in size and may not be suitable for a small pond.


The color of the leaves of the plant will vary depending on the type of plant. Most plants will have green leaves, but some may have red or orange-colored leaves.

Growth rate

You should choose plants that grow fast so that they can fill up the space quickly.

Water requirements

Some plants are hardy while others are sensitive to changes in the weather. It would help if you chose plants that are not sensitive to changes in temperature and can survive in your climate.


You should choose plants that require minimal maintenance.

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 What can I plant in a floating planter

The 10 Best Plants For Floating Planters

These plants include:

1. Pickerel plant

The pickerel plant is one of the best plants for floating planters. It is a perennial herb that has oval, green, and smooth leaves. This plant grows in shallow water. Its flowers are small, white, and star-shaped. It is a fast-growing plant. The roots of this plant can be used to make tea

2. Water lily

Water lilies are aquatic perennial herbs that consist of approximately 6o species of freshwater flowering plants.  The flowers of the water lilies can be pink, yellow, red, or blue.

3. American pondweed

American Pondweed is a perennial herb that has oval, green, and smooth leaves. It has dark brownish-red flowers that are club-like spikes. It grows in freshwater and is often a source of food for fish and ducks.

4. Water lettuce

Water lettuce does well in a floating planter and is also an excellent plant for water gardens. The roots are long, and when planted in the ground, they will root easily. Water lettuce will grow quickly and can grow into a large plant. Water lettuce has light green to gray-green foliage and is a perennial plant.

5. Water hyacinth

Water hyacinth is another excellent plant for floating planters. It is easy to start from cuttings. Once it is started, it grows quickly and can come invasive if not careful. The leaves are long, and the flowers are lavender-blue in color.

6. Echinodorus

Echinodorus, also known as Amazon Sword,  is an ornamental plant and has many different types. They are generally grown in aquariums, but can also be grown submerged in ponds or as floaters. If planted as a floater, you would need to make sure to heavily fertilize your plant.

7. Water sprite

Water sprites are a very common freshwater aquarium plant, sold under different names like water fern, India water fern, etc. It is one of the most versatile aquarium plants to have and can be kept either planted or as a floating plant in ponds.

8. Hydrocotyle

Hydrocotyle is a type of flower that is native to the Americas. The leaves are shiny green with a leathery texture. They have white or greenish flowers that grow in clusters.

9. Ipomoea

Ipomoea has intertwined stems that create dense floating mats over water surfaces. They have two basic forms which include red and green. Red has red to red-purple-tinged stems with pale pink to lilac flowers and green has green stems with white flowers.

10. Water lobelia

Water Lobelia is a type of ornamental plant that thrives in a floating planter. It produces small white or light blue flowers that grow just above the water’s surface.

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The best plants for floating planters include all the above, plus the floating flowers for ponds that you can choose to grow. The only limitation is the size of your pond, otherwise, you have more than enough plants to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I plant in a floating planter?

You can plant a wide range of plants and flowers.  The floating planters are suitable for planting all types of flowers.

Do floating pond plants need soil?

The floating pond plants can be planted directly into the water without soil.  You can also place the plants on a small pile of soil on the bottom of the pond.

Which plants are floating plants?

The floating plants are the plants that have a floating stem or leaves, such as water lilies, water hyacinths and duckweed.