15 Best Plants For Cold Water Aquariums

Do you love all things aquariums and want to find out the best plants for cold water aquariums that you can use to bring life and beauty indoors? This article will discuss some of these plants that you can use.

A cold water aquarium is a very popular type of aquarium in the world today. If you are a fan of aquariums, then this is the best kind of aquarium for you. It requires more maintenance than others.

In cold water aquarium plants, you can only use plants that do not require much light. The plants used here need low light levels. The best plants for cold water aquariums are listed below.

Best Plants For Cold Water Aquariums:

1. Sword plants

These beautiful aquatic plants are perfect for cold water aquariums. Amazon swords are a popular variety that is hardy and can do well with no fertilizers. They don’t need much light and can grow tall with long leaves.

2. Christmas Moss

Christmas moss is a beautiful type of moss species that grows well in cold aquariums. It has green branching stems with leaves that look like Christmas trees, providing great decoration. It doesn’t need super bright light and can benefit from fertilizer.

3. Marimo Moss

Marimo moss is famous for its round shape and requires very little maintenance. They help improve the water quality of aquariums by generating oxygen and removing nitrates. They will benefit from being placed in an area where they will get some sunlight.

4. Anubias

This aquatic plant is hardy and makes a great choice for cold water tanks. It grows well in a variety of aquarium conditions as it doesn’t have any special requirements. Anubias is a great choice for beginners and has attractive green leaves.

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5. Java Moss

Java moss can be left floating or attached to a rock or piece of wood. It provides a natural look in your tank and can be great for providing shelter for fish eggs.

6. Hydrocotyle leucocephala

This aquatic plant is also known as the Brazilian pennywort. It is a great choice for beginners as it grows quickly and offers dense coverage. It does not require any special lighting in your tank.

7. Salvinia Natans

Salvinia Natans are great plants for cold water aquariums. They grow easily and give a great natural look with no need for fertilizer. They grow best in moderate to high lighting conditions.

8. Ludwigia Repens

Ludwigia Repens adds a great touch of color to your tank as the leaves can be green, brown to deep red. It does best with moderate to high lighting conditions. It is low maintenance and makes a beautiful addition to your aquarium.

9. Cabomba

Cabomba is a fast-growing plant that grows in a variety of different conditions. It will thrive when the water is at least  64 degrees Fahrenheit and it receives adequate light. It provides great background coverage for your fish tank.

10. Anacharis 

With long stems and small green leaves that cover the entire plant, Anacharis makes an attractive addition to your aquarium. They are ideal for beginners and prefer to grow in soft to moderately hard water. They benefit from having medium lighting.

11. Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides

This plant requires good nitrate, iron, and micronutrients to thrive. It needs lots of light to thrive and benefits from injecting CO2. It can thrive in a wide variety of habitats as long as it has its needs met.

12. Creeping Primrose Willow

Creeping Primrose Willow is an easy, fast-growing plant that adds a nice pop of color to your aquarium. It can grow in both warm and cold water aquariums. It does best with moderate to high lighting in tanks with soft to hard water.

13. Fairy Moss

Fairy moss is fast-growing and is easy to maintain in cold-water tanks. It does best under moderate lighting, as it can get a reddish color with full light exposure. As a floating plant, it adds a nice touch to your fish tank.

14. Hornwort

Hornwort is one of the best plants for cold water aquariums. It is easy to care for and has no special growing requirements as it does well in low to high lighting and a wide range of temperatures. You can get hornwort from any pet store or aquarium store.

15. Java fern

Java Fern is another good plant for cold water aquariums.  This plant grows up to eight inches in height and can be fully or partially submerged.  It does well in moderate lighting and will hold up well against destructive fish.  If you are not able to find java ferns from pet or garden stores, you can buy them online.

In Conclusion: Best Plants For Cold Water Aquariums

The best plants for cold water aquariums are plants that can survive in low temperatures and do not require lots of sun or lighting to grow.  Many of these plants are hardy and can grow in a variety of different conditions.

These plants will be the most popular because they can be used for many different purposes.  They can be used as decoration or a background.  The list above does not contain all the plants you can grow in a cold water aquarium, rather it’s just a section of them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will aquarium plants grow in cold water?

Many aquarium plant species are hardy and are capable of growing in cold water tanks. However, it is important to do your research to make sure you are proving a proper environment for your plant.

How cold is too cold for aquarium plants?

Cold temperatures affect the growth of aquatic plants. Most aquatic plants will do fine in temperatures from 10°C to 20°C (50-68°F), with some species being very happy in cooler waters. However, if the temperature drops below 10°C, the plants may stop growing and may even die. Some of the most commonly used aquarium plants are hardy in temperatures between 10°C and 15°C.