The Best Plants For a Discus Tank – 10 Beautiful Plants!

So you are head over heels with an aquarium and want to know the best plants for a discus tank? Come, let’s discover together.

The discus fish is one of the most popular aquarium fish. This fish is a beautiful and peaceful species that will keep you company in your aquarium. They can grow to be six to 10 inches big so they need plenty of space.

Though discus fish are generally calm, peaceful fish, they can be aggressive towards each other, especially when attempting to pair off to spawn. They tend to eat a lot of plant material and detritus, but also forage for worms and small crustaceans along the bottom. When fully grown, they should have an aquarium of 75 gallons or larger and are best for experienced fish owners.

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So What Are The Best Plants For A Discus Tank?

We have listed the top best plants for a discus tank that will make your tank look amazing!

Can you have live plants with discus

1. Java Fern

Java ferns are very popular plants that are great for beginners. These plants can grow up to 6-13 inches tall and they are a perfect choice for the discus fish. You can add some java ferns to your tank in the beginning stages of your tank life.

2. African Bolbitis

Also known as African water fern, the African Bolbitis is an extremely popular plant among discus fish. These plants are slow growing and can grow up to 16 inches tall, and must be attached to a piece of wood or rock to grow.

3. Dwarf Tiger Lily

A dwarf tiger lily is a good choice for your discus fish tank and is a bulb plant with lovely red leaves. These plants typically grow to be no more than five inches tall.

4. Anubias

Anubias is a very popular and colorful plant, some of the best plants for a discus tank. Anubias have sturdy green leaves that make for a beautiful addition to your fish tank. Anubias are very easy to grow, and they have many different varieties that will look great in your tank. They are even capable of flowering underwater.

5. Pothos

Pothos is another great plant for any fish tank. They are easy to grow, and they are also very adaptable. Pothos can grow to be very tall but you can still grow them in aquariums. The reason why pothos is so great is that they grow so fast, and they are very easy to care for. Pothos will make your tank look great because of their lovely green coloring.

6. Echinodorus (Swords)

There are several variations of swords that make great additions to your discus tank. Some of the most common varieties include Amazon swords, ruffle swords, and jade swords. They make a great addition to large tanks as they are tall and broad.

7. Spatterdock

The spatterdock is an aquatic plant that is a type of water lily. They have deep yellow globe-shaped flowers with green leaves that are 2–16 inches. Spatterdocks are very easy to care for, and they do not require much maintenance.

8. Heteranthera

Heteranthera is a very easy-to-care aquatic plant that has a lot of shade shoots creating a bushy appearance. It can easily grow 15 inches or taller so it will need regular trimming. Heteranthera has tiny blue flowers that appear when they grow to the surface. The plants can be kept in a tank with just about any fish.

9. Cryptocoryne

Cryptocoryne plants are a lovely addition to your fish tanks that will root in the substrate of the tank. They prefer nutrient-rich soil and benefit from moderate lighting. They are a hardy plant with leaves that make a beautiful addition to your aquarium.

10. Bucephalandra

Bucephalandra plants are hardy and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They are a slow-growing plant that produces thick leaves. They are relatively low maintenance and can grow anywhere in your aquarium as they don’t require much fertilizer.


In Conclusion – Best Plants For A Discus Tank

The best plants for a discus tank are listed above. You can choose to keep your discus tank bare without any live plants growing there. However, plants can make a wonderful addition to any discus plant as they improve the appearance of the tank.

The best plants for an aquarium should be selected carefully. Be sure to buy your aquarium plants from reliable aquatic or gardening stores to ensure they are healthy and safe to add to your aquarium. Keep in mind that keeping plants in an aquarium can be tricky but with the right care they can grow abundantly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you have live plants with discus?

Yes, you can add live plants to your aquarium with discus fish. They can make a beautiful addition to your fish tank.