Top 10 Best Landscaping Plants For Houston Climate

If you live in Houston, Texas, you might want to know the best landscaping plants for Houston that can make your home more attractive.

Plants are not just beautiful, they also have many other benefits. Some of these include air purification, making a home or office more livable, and adding to the beauty of your garden.

The Best Landscaping Plants For Houston Climate

Here are some plants that can help you out in landscaping your home or office.

1. Bamboo

This is one of the best landscaping plants for Houston, Texas, America. Bamboo has many uses in the landscaping industry. It makes great flooring, screens, fences, and much more. Bamboo can be used as a hedge plant or to add to the beauty of your home. Bamboo is a hardy plant that grows in a variety of conditions but does best in fertile, slightly acidic, well-drained soil and full sun.

2. Cacti

Cacti are another favorite plant for Houston. They are also easy to grow and maintain. Many cacti have beautiful flowers, which make them great plants for landscaping. Cacti can be found at nurseries and garden centers. They can be grown indoors and outdoors. Most cacti do not require much care once they have been planted. Many varieties are drought tolerant and thrive in full sun and fast-draining soil.

3. Ferns

Ferns are another plant that makes for a great addition to the landscaping industry in Houston, Texas. There are many different types of ferns, and they can be found at most nurseries. Ferns grow quickly and many varieties are drought tolerant. They grow best in light to heavy shade and well-draining soil.

4. ‘Mystic Spires Blue’ Salvia

‘Mystic Spires Blue’ Salvia is a well-branched, free flowering plant that is great for landscaping. It produces sturdy blue-purple flower stalks that are great for borders. It is great for attracting butterflies, hummingbirds, and beneficial insects. It is easy to grow, heat tolerant, and deer tolerant. Mystic Spires Blue grows best in full sun and well-drained soil.

5. ‘Texas Gold’ Columbine

‘Texas Gold’ Columbine is a Texas native that has large yellow blooms and great heat tolerance. It is great for adding a burst of color to your garden and grows well in shady areas. It grows best in soil with excellent drainage and lots of rich organic matter.

 What bushes grow well in Houston

6. Bougainvillea

This is another great plant that will make your home look great. Bougainvillea is a very easy plant to grow, and it looks great as a landscaping plant. Bougainvillea can grow as tall as 8-20 feet and as wide as 10 to 40 feet.

Bougainvillea has colorful bracts that look like flowers with small, trumpet-shaped white and yellow flowers in the bracts. They grow best in a place where they will get plenty of light and well-drained soil. Bougainvillea is one of the most popular plants for landscaping in Houston, Texas, America.

7. Cape Plumbago

Cape Plumbago is great for hot climates like Texas. As a tender perennial, it will flower from May to the first frost. Its lovely blue flowers are great for attracting butterflies. It grows best in light, sandy soils with good drainage and full to partial sun.

8. Crape Myrtle

This is one of the best fast-growing trees that is a favorite among many southern gardeners. This is a deciduous tree that is often seen in its multi-stemmed form. It will grow in almost any type of soil and does best when it gets at least six hours of sun. Crape Myrtle is also known as the Crepe Myrtle.

9. Eucalyptus

This is another great plant for Houston, Texas, America. Eucalyptus is a hardy plant that can be used for landscaping and many other things. Eucalyptus can grow up to 60 feet tall in the wild but in most cases will grow to be 6-10 feet tall in home gardens. Eucalyptus can be found in many parts of the world, but it is most popular in Australia. Eucalyptus has many uses and has a lovely fragrant smell.

10. Hibiscus

This is one of the best plants in Houston, Texas, America. Hibiscus is a hardy plant that grows anywhere from 3-10 feet tall. This plant can grow well in full sun or partial shade and has beautiful flowers. One of the best varieties for Texas is the ‘Lord Baltimore’ Hibiscus.

In Summary: Best Landscaping Plants For Houston

The best landscaping plants for Houston are some of the easiest plants to grow in Houston that you might not even think about.

Some of these plants are native to Texas and others have only recently come to our area and have become a part of our city’s landscape. But whether they’re native or not, they’ll all do well here and look great in Houston.

Frequently Asked Questions

What bushes grow well in Houston?

Houston is a humid subtropical climate with lots of rain and humidity.  The best bushes to grow in Houston include all the above plus many more.

What plants stay green all year in Texas?

Texas has one of the largest temperate zones in the world. Many evergreens will stay green all year long.

What can I plant in front of my house in Houston?

Houston is a large city so you can plant almost anything in your front yard.  Some of the best things to plant in your front yard are Japanese maples, Purple and white flowering dogwood trees.

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