The 5 Best Carnivorous Plants For Fruit Flies

If you regularly have them around your house, getting the best carnivorous plants for fruit flies can help solve your problem. 

Having many fruit trees around your house may seem like a fantastic idea, but the fruit flies that often come with them aren’t pleasant. You can invest in some carnivorous plants if you want to eliminate the fruit flies without using harsh chemicals on your trees. 

There are many kinds of carnivorous plants, but only some can trap and digest fruit flies. If you keep the right ones around, you’ll have no trouble getting rid of any pests.

In this article, I share why some plants eat, which ones are the best for keeping fruit flies in check, and what area carnivorous plants prefer growing. 

Plants That Eat

Carnivorous plants get their energy from animals or insects. While some still photosynthesis, they mainly get nutrients by trapping and consuming these.

There are over 600 carnivorous plant species, and they’re typically found in wet, humid areas like swamps, forests, and rocky sites.

Some of these plants only eat insects. Others are large enough to capture and digest a small mammal. Luckily, these plants aren’t capable of feasting on human meat!

You can grow meat-eating plants in your garden or pots indoors. Some varieties wouldn’t survive indoors, and you wouldn’t enjoy the smell either!

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The 5 Best Carnivorous Plants For Fruit Flies

#1 Sundew Plant

Sundews are the best carnivorous plants for keeping fruit flies in check. They’re easy to grow, love sunny spots and look pretty on a windowsill.

You can use a water tray with about 1 inch of water to provide your sundew with its moisture needs. During the winter, your plant will need to enter a dormant phase, but it’ll keep growing if you keep it warm enough.

It isn’t necessary to feed your Sundew plant. It’ll catch its own food if you keep them in an area with regular fruit flies. 

#2 Butterworts – Best Carnivorous Plants For Fruit Flies

These plants grow and eat best in the summertime. They die when the winter comes around but come back with some pretty flowers during spring

You can leave them on your windowsill if the area gets enough sun. Your Butterworts will trap andy fly trying to find its way inside. 

Butterworts have sticky leaves to catch even the smartest insects off guard!

#3 Venus Fly Trap

The Venus fly trap is probably the most popular carnivorous plant. Despite their name, these plants aren’t the most effective fly traps because they’ll eat 4 flies at most before they retire. This doesn’t mean that they die. Their traps just close, and they become ornaments. 

It takes up to 2 weeks for a trap to digest a single fly, so they really aren’t suited for a whole swarm of fruit flies. 

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Best Carnivorous Plants For Fruit Flies

#4 Pitcher Plant

Pitcher Plants are the most effective carnivorous plants. They catch and devour fruit flies like there’s no tomorrow! You wouldn’t want to keep them inside since they tend to smell like a fly graveyard. 

These plants have beautiful yellow blossoms with fluid in them. This fluid digests the bug as soon as it lands in the trap. They can’t stop this from happening by escaping because the trap is extremely slippery. 

Insects like Pitcher Plants since they’re pretty devious. You’d never expect these plants to be carnivorous if you see them for the first time. 

#5 Cobra Lily – Best Carnivorous Plants For Fruit Flies

These plants are definitely more cobra than lily. They resemble Egyptian Cobras that stand upright and feast on their prey gruesomely.

Like the Pitcher Plant, Cobra Lillies have an alluring smell that attracts fruit flies. When flies go for a closer look, they get trapped within the plant’s entrance that closes behind them. Inside these tubes, fruit flies face enzymes that digest them. 

A Cobra Lily needs direct, warm sunlight and water that is cold enough to cool them down. It would be best if you could keep them moist with some rainwater. 

In Which Areas Do Carnivorous Plants Grow?

Carnivorous plants prey on live insects since they typically grow in areas with little nutrition. They thrive in wet places where many insects live.

Swamps and forests provide more than enough food to keep carnivorous plants fed and healthy. Many of them grow in or near the water. 

In Which Areas Do Carnivorous Plants Grow

Some species of carnivorous plants can even survive on rocks or sand. They depend on regular rainfall in these areas. It may seem like a risk, but these areas also offer sufficient food and water. 

Heat, food, and moisture are their only needs, and they can be found in any area with all of these things. 

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To Sum It Up, Best Carnivorous Plants For Fruit Flies

Carnivorous plants grow in areas with little nutrients. Over the years, they’ve adapted to get everything they need to survive from other sources. These plants lure their prey in and trap them in clever ways. Before the bugs know it, they’re eaten!

If you grow the right carnivorous plants for fruit flies, you won’t have these little insects around for long. Your meat-loving plants will prefer their own health over letting one of these fly by!

I hope you liked the plants listed in this article and that you know which one to choose now! If you have more questions about fruit flies, carnivorous plants that eat them, or generally keeping pests in check, ask them in the comments.


Will a Venus Flytrap get rid of fruit flies?

Although Venus Flytraps are a well-known carnivorous plant, it doesn't deal with fruit flies as well as some other carnivorous plants do.

Will carnivorous plants eat gnats?


Drosera, Drosophyllum, and Pinguicula are some carnivorous plants that can trap and consume gnats.

Will Venus Flytraps eat gnats?

On rare occasions, a Venus Flytrap will eat gnats. If you want this plant to eliminate gnats, you're out of luck.

Do Sundew plants eat fruit flies?

Sundews destroy fruit flies. If you have a fruit fly infestation, getting some Sundews will be the best way to get rid of it.